Different types of teeth whitening systems

Almost all teeth whitening in Colorado Springs CO use some type of peroxide, normally hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide has been found to be a very effective agent for whitening teeth and yet it does no harm to the enamel of the teeth and it is perfectly safe. The two categories of teeth whitening systems are those that are done in the dentist’s office and those that are done at home; however, there are a number of different at-home options available.

The primary difference in teeth whitening treatments done professionally or in the home is the concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Treatments that are done by a dentist typically have a higher concentration than those that are available for use at home. Teeth whitening in Colorado Springs CO may be as long as two hours when done professionally but the sessions are normally only 30 minutes when done at home. A dentist can perform the same degree of whitening in one setting that will take home systems considerably longer.

Home teeth whitening systems are designed to be simple and convenient. Most home systems are designed to be used for one or two weeks at least once but in many cases twice a day. Typical home systems use sticky strips or trays which keep the whitening gel solution on the teeth. Sticky strips are quite popular as the whitening solution is integral with the strip, they are simply applied to the front of the tooth and left for perhaps a half an hour or so. In some cases the strips are designed to dissolve on the teeth where other strips have to be removed.

Whitening trays are also popular, the tray id filled with whitening gel and the teeth are placed in the tray. In many cases this type of teeth whitening is available from a dentist. The advantage of getting a tray from the dentist is that it is custom made from a mold taken of your teeth whereas the trays available OTC are not custom made which makes the process less efficient. There are also gels that are painted directly on the surface of the teeth but as the gel is not protected it has the tendency to wear off quickly, as a result this method is less effective than others that have been mentioned.

There are also toothpastes and mouth washed that are designed to whiten but cannot get the teeth as white as systems which are designed for the job.

If your teeth are stained you should consider teeth whitening in Colorado Springs CO. This is one of the many cosmetic dental procedures that are carried out at Lehman Drive Dental.