Do You Need a Composite Filling in Round Rock TX?

A Composite Filling in Round Rock TX provides the patient with the same functionality and aesthetics that your actual teeth can. This is the most commonly used filling on the planet because of these two reasons. Silver amalgam has fallen out of favor with today’s modern cosmetic dentistry because technology has had a significant rise in evolution with the appearance of new materials such as composite dental fillings and the development of new bonding techniques. Dental experts around the world recommend replacing amalgam (metal) fillings with composite dental fillings because they are tooth colored, biocompatible and improves dental aesthetics.

Placing composite fillings  on the teeth is a simple procedure that consists of removing and replacing the amalgam fillings. The cavity is cleaned and sealed again with a new Composite Filling in Round Rock TX. The old metal fillings, which are becoming increasingly obsolete, are amalgam compounds (mixture of various metals, silver and mercury), so in addition to possible toxicity problems you are also presented with poor aesthetics. Although some time has passed where most dental restorations were done with metal amalgams, there are many people who were treated for tooth decay who still have metal fillings.

The biggest problem with silver amalgam is not aesthetics, but with a lack of biocompatibility. Over time, dentists see a progressive corrosive effect leading to the disintegration of mercury and silver (which are toxic substances produced by metal fillings and will be absorbed by the body, although in insignificant amounts). The use of advanced composite materials or white fillings and its associated technology allows dentists to provide aesthetic and functional reconstruction for the treatment of tooth decay and provide patients with a more natural look. All this is on top of the fact that composite fillings are absent of mercury.

If you need dental fillings, make sure you choose a provider who currently performs reconstructions using the latest generation of fillings to treat cavities. Composite dental restorations are aesthetic, structurally sound and far superior to its predecessors in terms of biocompatibility. Dentists can replace the old black and metal fillings for aesthetic composite fillings, which provide functionality and are the color of your teeth. Contact Business Nane to learn more.