The Different Types Of Orthodontic Appliances

by | Jun 24, 2015 | Dentistry

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An orthodontist in Downers Grove has a number of different appliances that he or she can use to align teeth or the jaw. These appliances are available in different styles depending on the orthodontic issue that needs to be corrected. The appliances that are available range from those that are fitted to the teeth for the duration of the treatment to removable aligners.

Perhaps the most common fixed appliance used by the orthodontist in Downers Grove is braces. Braces utilize small plastic, ceramic or metal brackets which are fixed to the surface of the teeth with dental adhesive. The brackets are used as guides for wires which connect the teeth together, as the wires are tightened slowly over time the teeth are straightened or the bite is normalized.

Fixed orthodontic appliances are also employed when it is necessary to treat problems with the jaw, either structurally or alignment. In the event the jaw is narrow there may not be sufficient room for all the teeth, as a result the teeth will overlap or be terribly misaligned. A device known as a “palatal expander” is used to treat this problem. The device consists of a thin metal section that hooks around the molars and spans the roof of the mouth. There are screws that are slowly tightened; eventually the roof of the mouth is widened allowing the necessary space for the teeth.

Retainers are another orthodontic appliance; the retainer can be fixed or removable and are normally worn once the orthodontic work has been completed. The retainer is used for perhaps a year; it stabilizes the teeth preventing them from returning to their pre-treatment positions. A fixed retainer is a mold of the roof of the mouth, it is attached permanently. Removable retainers are a plastic device that fits on the roof of the mouth with wires that hook onto the back molars.

An orthodontist in Downers Grove can also be called upon to produce mouth guards which are used to prevent injury to the teeth or jaw while engaged in some physical activity or sport where there is the potential of impact. The orthodontist can also provide a patient with a night guard. A night guard is removable and made from plastic, it fits over the teeth and worn while sleeping. Night guards are recommended for use for those people who tend to grind their teeth while sleeping.

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