Family Dentistry in Toronto: Straightening Crooked Teeth

Misaligned, crooked and overlapping teeth can be due to a number of reasons. These kinds of teeth can be a big blow to your general appearance and they also make your life difficult. People with extreme conditions of crooked teeth might find it hard to socialize and they also lack courage and self confidence especially if people make jokes about them. When you visit a dentist who has specialized in Family Dentistry in La Grange KY, he will give you a list of dentistry methods that will help you attain a more desirable smile. These options include:

Braces: Braces are brackets made from ceramic, plastic or metal and are glued on your teeth. Their main function is to hold a wire used for tightening the teeth. As time passes, your teeth will gradually shift into place. You will be given dental appointments normally once a month for the wire to be tightened. Braces can take up to two years for desired results.

Invisalign: These are aligners that function as braces but do not look like them. They are plastic transparent aligners which will need to be changed every two weeks as the teeth shift. They are more expensive than braces but they are suitable especially for grownups because nobody will know that you are wearing them. Invasaligns takes as long as braces for desired results to be achieved.

Porcelain Veneers: These are shells bonded on the surface of the teeth to change its shape, size, color and general appearance. Though they do not stain, one is required to observe proper dental hygiene. Once bonded to the tooth, the process is irreversible. Veneers are made from two materials which are durable plastic and porcelain.

Tooth Reshaping and Contouring: This is a cheap and quick solution for people with misaligned or crooked teeth and who do not have the patience of waiting for almost two years, like in braces, for desired results to be achieved. Parts of the crooked teeth are removed then once the desired size and shape is acquired, tooth bonding may be required to achieve better results.

Invest your smile in hiring experts of Family Dentistry St. Albert, and the results you get will be beyond your expectations.