Find A Laurel Family Dentist That You Can Trust

Seeing the dentist is about more than just keeping your teeth cleaned. It’s mostly about keeping your teeth as healthy as possible, preventing decay and damage from occurring and causing you to lose your teeth entirely. Most people have a fear of the dentist, for one reason or another. Usually it happens due to stress, and fear, over the procedures that will be done to them.

This fear can actually be worse than the procedures they are afraid of, as it can cause them to not get the treatments and help they need to keep their teeth clean and safe. Diseases can build up in your mouth due to improper cleaning, and infections can arise in your teeth which can lead to worse medical conditions if they enter your blood stream.

Visiting a Family Dentist in Laurel on a regular basis is highly suggested, and recommended by most dentists, in order to keep these things from happening. At the first signs of a cavity forming, any pain in your mouth, or any bleeding of your gums, you should schedule an appointment immediately to get it checked out. These things can lead to worse conditions if left unattended. Treatment at home is ill advised, as it can’t resolve the underlying problem that caused it in the first place, or repair any damage if your teeth start to decay.

A cavity is easily treated by filling when caught early, but the further the decay, the more likely a crown will be required. Once this happens, if the tooth isn’t taken care of, it may require extraction and replacement by an implant or denture bridge. In the event the tooth can’t be saved by traditional fillings or crowns, extractions provide the only solution. This involves the tooth being pulled entirely by your Laurel Family Dentist, leaving a hole to be filled.

Usually the most common procedure was to use a bridge to fill in the gap, but more recently implants have become the more popular replacement. This is because the anchor points used by implants will exercise your jawbone as you chew, just like your original roots would have. Dentures and bridges just wear down the bone, without promoting any kind of bone growth. Contact Midtown Dental Clinic to book an appointment for dental services.