Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Implants In Apple Valley MN

Individuals who have several missing teeth and are looking for an alternative to dentures should consider getting Teeth Implants in Apple Valley MN. After patients have this dental procedure done, they can eat the foods they love, their teeth look natural, and they never have to wear dentures again. If dental implants sound like something you may be interested in, read the frequently asked questions below to learn more information about this procedure.

Q.) What exactly are dental implants and how is the procedure done?

A.) A dental implant consists of three parts, a titanium rod that’s inserted into an opening the jawbone, a post that fits down into the rod and a crown that’s secured onto the post. A dentist makes an incision into the gumline, drills into the jawbone and inserts the titanium rod. The next phase of the procedure doesn’t begin until the jawbone attaches itself to the titanium rod, which takes about one month. During the second appointment, the dentist makes another incision along the gumline and inserts the post into the top of the implant. After the crown is made, a dentist who specializes in Teeth Implants in Apple Valley MN attaches the crown to the post.

Q.) Are dental implants permanent or will they have to be eventually replaced?

A.) Most everyone who has a dental implant procedure done will have the implants for a lifetime. When the jawbone grows around the titanium rod, the implant is permanently anchored into the jaw. Patients who have dental implants can eat any kind of food they choose and eating will not interfere with the implants. Only in very rare cases will dental implants ever have to be removed from a patient’s mouth. This rarity can occur if a person’s body rejects the dental implants. Patients who get Teeth Implants in Apple Valley MN are very happy with the results because they’re convenient, permanent, and they look just like natural teeth.

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