Why Should Patients Get a Fluoride Treatment in Beltsville, MD?

A Fluoride Treatment in Beltsville MD is recommended for everyone over the age of two years. Infants should not be given fluoride before their second birthday because it is harmful at that age. That is mainly because they do not know enough not to swallow it. After two years, everyone should have a fluoride treatment every six months, according to the American Dental Association (ADA). Using a fluoride toothpaste is helpful, but it does not contain enough to prevent tooth decay. A dental fluoride treatment after every cleaning helps to strengthen enamel that can become porous due to acid, sugar, and stains.

In addition to routine cleanings and a Fluoride Treatment in Beltsville MD, sealants for teeth can also help prevent tooth decay. Sealants are plastic resins that can be applied to permanent teeth to keep plaque from building up in small cracks and grooves. Sealants last for three to five years and then have to be reapplied. It is a preventative measure that helps control plaque and decay. It makes brushing more effective and is useful for kids who may not always brush well. Full sets of X-rays on an annual basis are essential for children so the dentist can detect any problems with the teeth or the positioning of the teeth. Adults should get a full set every two to three years. Routine dental care is important not only for oral health but for overall health as well.

Many people do not realize that poor dental hygiene can lead to many other health issues. Colds, flu, and infections are more frequent when dental health is neglected. It makes sense because all that bacteria from the mouth travel to the throat and the lungs. High blood pressure can also be caused by neglected teeth. Poor circulation, high blood sugar, and headaches are also attributed to poor dental health.

Adults often cite hectic schedules and lack of dental insurance as reasons for skipping routine cleanings. What they do not realize is that missed days from work, a rise in over-the-counter medications, and high medical bills cost much more than a semi-annual cleaning ever will. Patients can read the full info here and set up an appointment for a cleaning.