General Dentists In Dumas, TX Can Give You A Smile To Show The World

Feeling good about your smile is important. Unfortunately, many who are embarrassed about the condition of their teeth are wrongly assumed to be unfriendly or snobbish, even when that’s far from the truth. They may give a tight-lipped grimace instead of an open friendly smile, turn away when speaking to others and even avoid speaking altogether just to hide their teeth. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. Most General Dentists in Dumas, TX, such as those at Modern Family Dental, can turn dingy, yellowed or stained teeth into a white, bright smile in only a short amount of time with a simple tooth whitening process.

Most children have brilliant white and shiny teeth, but as we age, the enamel thins on the teeth, causing them to become dingy and easily stained. Certain foods, red wines, dark colas and tobacco all tend to stain the teeth. Unfortunately, regular tooth brushing won’t remove all the stains, as enamel stains are difficult to remove. Luckily no one has to live with stained and discolored teeth. The general dentists in Dumas, TX can remove the stains and restore the enamel back to a brilliant white color giving the patient the confidence to smile freely again and look years younger in the process. Dental whitening is a simple procedure. After determining the best shade for the patient, a gel-like substance is placed on the teeth. A special UV light is then applied, enhancing the whitening process. When the teeth have reached the desired shade, the gel is removed. The entire process usually takes less than an hour, giving the patient a whole new look when it’s complete. It’s generally suggested to avoid tooth-staining foods and drinks and tobacco products to avoid staining the teeth again. With proper care the patient can go usually six months to a year before the whitening process must be repeated.

Don’t live life by hiding from people, from smiling and from laughing. Visit a dental practice and learn more about this simple tooth whitening procedure that can help patients gain the confidence they need to feel good about themselves and want to show their smiles to the world. Contact Business Name to schedule an appointment for dental services by calling us at (806) 677-0202.