Get Help From a Cosmetic Dentist Lubbock

by | May 8, 2013 | Dental

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Even if you have healthy teeth, you might not like the way they look. Or, you may have teeth that require some work for them to be the way that you would like them to be. When that happens, you need to turn to a dentist, but you don’t want to turn to any dentist, you need a Cosmetic Dentist Lubbock.

A Cosmetic Dentist does more than just repair cavities, they specialize in procedures that are designed to make your mouth and teeth look better. That can include things like helping to straighten your teeth. Instead of using braces, they can help you by giving you something like Invisalign. These are also called invisible braces. They are fitted trays that you wear over your teeth. They are similar to retainers, that you just snap in. They are made of a tough plastic, but you take them out to eat. They slowly, but surely, resettle your teeth into the places they should be. You will have to go back and get refitted regularly, to make sure your teeth get straightened.

Other services that a Cosmetic Dentist Lubbock may offer, on top of cleanings and fillings, is sedation dentistry. This isn’t something that every dentist offers, it does take someone who specializes in it. There are several levels of sedation that can help you deal with the dental procedures that you are getting, and the level of anxiety you have. There is light sedation, that is just medicine to soothe your anxiety. The most sedation, or heavy sedation, puts you completely asleep, and completely unaware of your surroundings. This level is good for extractions and root canals, two procedures that can be difficult, painful, and anxiety causing.

If you want your teeth to be healthy and look good, a cosmetic dentist is the way to go. They can provide regular dental services, but they can go before that, and provide services like caps, invisible braces, sedation dentistry, and whitening. After you are done with their services, you will have the beautiful, healthy, white teeth that you have been looking for, which will give you a brilliant smile you can be proud of.


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