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by | May 3, 2013 | Dental Services

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Teeth Whitening is a very popular process done by dentists today. Although there are many teeth whitening products available over the counter, none are as effective as a professional teeth whitening (or bleaching) done by a dentist. Teeth Whitening East Amwell is chucked full of dentists who do teeth whitening effectively–getting rid of those stained and dull looking teeth.

Like the celebrities who sport the whitest, most glistening teeth, the average American also want their teeth to be the whitest they can be. The procedure is safe, painless, and quick. There are special techniques available for people with sensitive teeth. Some stains, caused by age, antibiotics, or deteriorated teeth are not as responsive to bleaching as normal stains. Your dentist will need to clean your teeth and evaluate their condition to see what can be done for you.

Dentists can return that whiteness to teeth which were damaged by wine, coffee, tea, and fruit stains. They can even correct the worst staining, due to medications, disease, or injuries. And the professional cleaning does not strip away the enamel like the over the counter toothpastes which contain abrasives. The treated teeth will stay their whitest for up to 5 years. Professional bleachings are much better than over the counter devices and treatments, such as whitening kits, pens, gels, and other devices.

The cost has gone down over the years. Teeth Whitening East Amwell cost averages around $400 or so. You must check with your insurance company to determine what costs they cover and what you will pay out of your pocket. And cost varies according to the product your dentist uses.

The bleaching process is simple. The patient relaxes as the dentist repeatedly applies a bleaching gel to the teeth, waits 15-30 minutes, and checks the results. Sometimes a bright light is used to intensify the lightening process. Once the dentist feels the desired result has been reached, the patient rinses and that’s it. The immediately color is not seen until a few days have passed. The dentist may also have the patient return for subsequent bleachings. The process is not hard on the patient. You can sleep or watch TV during the procedure. There are many different teeth whitening products available for dentists today in Teeth Whitening East Amwell. So the one your dentists uses varies. It’s recommended you ask questions before you decide which product is best for you.

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