Less than Ideal Teeth Whitening Patients in Gloucester City

There are very few people who wouldn’t be elated to have a brighter and whiter smile. Unfortunately, each one of these people may not be an ideal candidate for a Teeth Whitening Gloucester City procedure. Keep in mind, only a dental professional can tell you that a teeth whitening procedure is not right for you, however, here is a list of a few situations that can make you a less than ideal candidate.

Sensitivities or Allergies

If you are an individual who suffers from sensitive gums or teeth, a Teeth Whitening Gloucester City procedure may not be a good option for you. Additionally, if you have certain allergies it’s important to speak with a Cosmetic dentist beforehand to rule out the possibility of triggering your sensitivities or allergies from the tooth whitening system.


Age is another factor when it comes to ideal candidates. Typically, a teeth whitening procedure is not recommended for any individual who is under the age of 16. This is due in part to the development of teeth. Until the age of 16, the tooth nerve is still enlarged. Having a procedure performed during this time will only cause the individual to suffer from a number of tooth sensitiveness down the line.

Unreal Expectations

It’s important to have a realistic idea when it comes to the results you plan to achieve. If your teeth are severely stained, it’s unrealistic to expect dramatic results after only one treatment. Instead, it’s important for the individual to understand that dramatic results will come over time, producing a gradual enhancement over a period of time.

Diseases or Other Oral Issues

People who suffer from gum disease, exposed roots, cavities or thin enamel issues may not be great candidates for teeth whitening treatments. It is very important to notify your dentist of any of these conditions prior to treatment since the solutions used have the ability to penetrate into the inner layers of your teeth which can cause sever sensitivity issues.

Poor Oral Hygiene

An individual who has poor oral hygiene practices may also be considered less than ideal. After you have a Teeth Whitening Gloucester City procedure performed, it’s up to you to maintain the results. The only way to accomplish this goal is by brushing, flossing and rinsing your mouth on a regular basis along with regular visits to a dental professional.



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