How Can the Dentist in Tulsa, OK Help You With Bad Breath?

Bad breath, properly named halitosis, is a condition that causes you to have moderate to severe issues with chronic bad breath. People suffering with bad breath often do not know they have an issue. This problem can cause people great embarrassment and make it difficult for them in their personal and professional lives. Unfortunately, gums and mouthwashes rarely help the problem. They only work to partially camouflage the odor. This is why it is important you see the Dentist Tulsa OK, so the underlying cause may be found. This will allow the dentist to treat the cause so your bad breath can be taken care of.

•    Bad breath can sometimes be a sign of serious oral health concerns. If you have an infection in a tooth, this can cause foul odors. Since infections can be serious, you need to make sure you see your Dentist Tulsa OK if your bad breath is accompanied by pain, swelling, bleeding and pus drainage. Once the infection is cleared, you should no longer suffer from odors.

•    You may also have bad breath when there is decay in your teeth. As your teeth decay, the tissue inside becomes rotten. When you have rotten teeth in your mouth, the odors can be severe. Often, it can be difficult to cover up these odors with mouthwash, mints or gum. A dentist can fill your teeth so the odor and painful symptoms subside. Visit website for the best dentists in Tulsa, OK.

•    If you do not take proper care of your teeth, you will have bad breath. As the foods you eat begin to rot your teeth, this can cause you to have putrid breath. It is important you brush and floss twice a day. This will keep the odors away and give you fresh breath.

•    Some people are surprised to learn their bad breath comes from dry mouth. If you have dry mouth accompanied with bad breath, make sure you ask your dentist about a conditioning mouth rinse. This can relieve your dry mouth and bad breath all at once.

If you are tired of being embarrassed about your bad breath, your dentist can help. Contact Southard Dental so you can learn the cause of your bad mouth odors. This will allow them to be treated so you can have a clean and fresh mouth again.