Achieve a Beautiful Smile Through Porcelain Veneers in Alpharetta

by | Dec 15, 2014 | Dental Care

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When you are not happy with the appearance of your smile, it shows all over your face. People with severe staining, malformations, damage and gaps often feel self-conscious about their appearance and will try to hide their smile. If you are tired of the way your teeth look and are ready for a change, you may want to consider talking with your dentist about Porcelain Veneers in Alpharetta. Porcelain veneers can cover the front of your teeth and perfect your smile by hiding any cosmetic concerns you may have.

The first step in getting Porcelain Veneers in Alpharetta is having your teeth prepared. The dentist will prepare your teeth using special tools that remove a small portion of the outer layer of your teeth. It is important this is done so the veneer can fit in perfectly over your teeth. This also slightly roughens the surface of your teeth so the veneers can be bonded in place.

Some dentists will prepare your teeth and then have you come back in to receive your veneers. In dental offices with on-site labs, there may be no waiting period. Once your veneers are ready for placement, each one will be placed precisely over the tooth it was made for. This ensures a perfect fit.

Veneers are adhered in place using a special dental adhesive. This adhesive instantly begins to bond your tooth to the veneer. Once the adhesive is in place, it can be fully hardened using a curing light. This ensures the veneer becomes a permanent part of your tooth.

The process for placing your veneers takes time. The dentist will work on each tooth and make sure the work is completed before the next tooth is worked on. Once all of your veneers are in place, the dentist will work to make sure each tooth is perfectly shaped and provides you with a beautifully symmetric smile.

To learn more about your options for dental veneers, visit website domain. This will allow you to make a decision on whether or not this procedure will benefit your smile. If you decide you want dental veneers, call the office for your appointment so you can get started on beautifying your smile.

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