How New Technology Is Improving Dental Implant Surgery

by | Feb 7, 2014 | Dentistry

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Dental implants are meant to replace natural teeth that have either decayed or been knocked out of the mouth. The dentist uses replacement tooth roots that are implanted into the gum line. Artificial teeth are then placed into the roots to provide you with the teeth you need for eating, speaking well, and feeling confident about your smile. With dental implants, Spring TX. dentists are able to replace just one tooth or a few teeth, and you won’t notice a difference between your natural teeth and the replacements. New 3-D technology has made the surgical procedure for dental implants more concise and efficient for both the dentist and the patient.

Benefits for the Patient

Traditionally, dental offices used 2-D technology to conduct scans and images of teeth. While 2-D technology provides an image, it does not give the same level of details as a 3-D image. When you undergo imaging with new technology, you don’t have to worry about the dentist guessing on the level of damage or the procedure needed to fix your teeth. The technology will clearly show what the dentist needs to know and take the guesswork out of some dental procedures.

This new technology also offers less exposure to radiation than the traditional imaging technology. The dentist can also use the technology to show you detailed images of your tooth anatomy. This helps provide a better understanding of your tooth’s condition and how the dentist plans to conduct the procedure. With dental implants Spring TX dentists can educate the patient in ways that wasn’t possible with older technology.

One Stage Implants

Newer technology is also allowing dental offices to switch from two stage to one stage dental implants. Spring, TX patients can shorten the time it takes to have implants placed by using a dental office with the latest technology. Traditionally, patients had to have the artificial roots placed first and then wait for it to heal. Upon healing, the dentist would then schedule an appointment to place the teeth. With new technology, many dental offices are able to place both the root system and the teeth in one visit. This means patients have to spend less time in-office and can have an improved smile in a shorter time.

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