How Oral Surgery in San Marcos CA can Help Those With Problem Wisdom Teeth

by | Oct 16, 2015 | Dental Services

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Wisdom teeth are also referred to as third molars, and they usually emerge when a patient is 16-25 years of age. While many people have no issues with their wisdom teeth, some have serious complications such as tooth impaction. A practitioner of Oral Surgery San Marcos CA can explain the consequences further, but patients can learn much from the below article on wisdom teeth.

How Impacted Teeth Affect Patients

To understand the benefits of oral surgery where wisdom teeth are concerned, it can be helpful to learn about related issues. It’s easy to ignore a wisdom tooth when it’s not causing problems, but an impacted tooth can lead to periodontal disease and pain.

These side effects are just some that come as a tooth becomes impacted:

*     Pain and swelling of the jaw

*     Irritated, bleeding and inflamed gums

*     Foul breath

*     Damage to and loss of surrounding bone

Reasons for Wisdom Tooth Removal

In addition to difficulties mentioned above, an impacted wisdom tooth can cause serious issues that may warrant extraction. Below are five reasons to have problematic wisdom teeth removed.

*     Infection and inflammation: Impacted wisdom teeth often causes gum inflammation, which can cause gum disease. Once inflammation starts, it’s hard to stop, and it can easily spread.

*     Crowding: When a wisdom tooth emerges, it’s coming into a crowded space. With little room to spare, teeth are sometimes pushed aside and misaligned.

*     Tooth damage: While crowding is common, wisdom teeth can cause far more damage. An infected tooth can cause cavities in other teeth, and it can cause deterioration of the surrounding bone.

*     Difficult cleaning: If a patient experiences no complications as their wisdom teeth emerge, their dental health could still be risked. Space is at a premium, and it can be hard to floss and brush back teeth properly, making wisdom teeth prime territory for plaque accrual and cavities.

Most people have no problems with their wisdom teeth, but some experience issues that grow worse with age. If the teeth aren’t removed, recurring infection and chronic pain can require expensive and lengthy treatments. By talking to a general dentist with and with Oral Surgery San Marcos CA, patients can address all of their concerns.


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