How to Know That Your Dentist Easton is a Good Dentist

Long gone are the days when the only dentist you could go to was the one in your home town. There are many dental clinics and types of dentists to choose from. You never have to settle for a family dentist in Easton that you do not like. Here are some signs that your Dentist Easton is a good dentist.

No Bad Smells
A dentist examination room or the waiting room should never smell badly. It is common for waiting rooms to smell like cleaners but they should not smell like mildew, garbage or any other bad smell. Examination rooms may have a slight burning smell or a smell of fluoride but should not have foul smells.

Clutter Free
Waiting rooms and examination rooms should be clutter free with everything in its place. There should never be piles of papers or drug samples stacked up in an examination room. Rooms should also be clean without any presence of blood or other bodily fluids.

Annual X-rays
Good dentists will insist on you having dental X-rays at least once a year. Your mouth can change drastically in that short amount of time. If it has been years since your dentist told you that you need X-rays, it’s time to look for a new dentist.

Wears a Mask and Gloves
Remember the days when the dentist would never wear disposable gloves or a face mask? Those days are gone and for a very good reason. Anything that goes into your mouth needs to be as sterile as possible. Dentists and dental hygienists should always wear masks and gloves. Many experienced dentists also wear a surgical cap and scrubs.

Answers Your Questions About Hygiene
A good dentist is always concerned about practicing good hygiene. He or she will gladly explain their hygiene procedures to you. Ask if the dentist uses disposable needles.

Doesn’t Mind a Second Opinion
If your dentist recommends a very expensive treatment, he or she should not mind if you want a second opinion. A good dentist and dental office staff will help you find another dentist in order to get that second opinion.