Protect Your Health With A Dentist In St Clair Shores

Good dental health is critical for more than just the state of a person’s teeth, so everyone should protect their health with the help of a dentist in St Clair Shores. Dental problems can cause chronic headaches, and they can even affect a person’s hearing in rare circumstances. Diseased gums can have serious infections that must be treated with antibiotics, and a misaligned bite can make a person’s jaw shift in position over time. Jaw problems can lead to teeth grinding issues. When people grind their teeth, their teeth become worn down and prone to the collection of food. When food collects in a cavity, it can eventually lead to an increased amount of bacteria in the area. This may eventually cause an infection, which can then lead to an abscessed tooth.

The infection within an abscessed tooth can eventually spread to other areas of the mouth and jawline. It may even cause a throat infection in some situations. A person with an abscessed tooth may feel additional physical symptoms, such as nausea and fatigue. A bad toothache can lead to a person missing work or school, as abscessed teeth often cause intense pain that radiates out from the tooth. The first method of dealing with an abscessed tooth is prevention. Regular visits to a dentist in St Clair Shores for cleanings and exams can help save a person from ever having to experience the pain of a tooth infection.

Generally, the first step dentists take towards resolving a tooth infection is draining the tooth of any fluid that has collected within the gum line surrounding the tooth. The dentist may then give the tooth time to heal, while a person is instructed to take over-the-counter pain medication. In some situations, the dentist may also prescribe an antibiotic. Once the area around the tooth is ready, the dentist may suggest getting a root canal. In some cases, the tooth may even need to be pulled from a person’s mouth. If the patient chooses to get a root canal, a porcelain crown may be attached to the top of the restored tooth. Most damaged teeth can be saved, with either a filling or a root canal. If the tooth is lucky enough to only need a filling, new filling materials are made of a ceramic tooth-colored material. Therefore, no matter how healthy or unhealthy a person feels their teeth may be, they should still go see a dentist in St Clair Shores.