How To Properly Care for Your Child’s Teeth

Proper dental care is important for everyone, especially children. The care of a child’s baby teeth can affect a child’s permanent teeth. The American Dental Association recommends that a child have his or her first dentist visit by the time the child is one. As a parent, helping your child establish a good oral hygiene routine from an early age can help your child maintain healthy teeth and gums throughout his or her life. Choose a dentist in Jackson MO who can help you care for your child’s teeth as he or she grows. Following are some things you can do every day to take good care of your child’s teeth.

The most basic thing you can do to care for your child’s teeth is to help your child brush and floss them every day. Brushing and flossing help to remove plaque and tartar from your child’s teeth, keeping them clean and healthy. If you have an infant, it is a good idea to wipe your baby’s gums with a soft, wet washcloth a couple of times a day. This will clean your child’s gums and get your child used to having his or her teeth cleaned every day. When your child’s teeth come in, be sure to brush them at least twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. You do not need to start flossing your child’s teeth until he or she gets two teeth that are touching. Once this happens, floss your child’s teeth once a day. You may want to ask your child’s dentist in Jackson MO to show you how to properly brush and floss your child’s teeth at your child’s next dental checkup.

After age one, it is a good idea to take your child to get a dental cleaning and exam every six months. Having regular dental cleanings is important to ensure that any plaque or tartar build up is removed from your child’s teeth and gums. Your child’s dentist in Jackson MO will examine your child’s teeth at each six month checkup to make sure that your child’s oral health is in good condition. During a dental exam, a dentist may be able to detect problems and recommend early treatment. This can save your child from having to have more extensive treatment.

Making sure your child eats and drinks a healthy, well-balanced diet is important in maintaining your child’s oral health. Sugary drinks and snacks can lead to cavities and tooth decay. While it may be unrealistic to completely cut out all sugar from a child’s diet, monitoring and limiting your child’s sugar intake can help in the care of your child’s teeth. Talk to your child’s dentist in Jackson MO to ask if there are foods your child should avoid completely.


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