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by | Jul 24, 2020 | Dentist

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Minimally invasive implantology, also known as MII, involves guided dental implant placement surgery without making any major incisions. This surgery is based on accurate knowledge of the anatomical structures and the positioning of the final prosthesis. To undergo minimally invasive surgery, the Best Cosmetic Dentistry in Winnetka will use a dental splint. There has to be enough bone to insert the implant, but its principal use is in situations where anatomical structures limit the room for placement or between adjacent teeth with medial space.

Advantages of minimally invasive implantology

1. Better post-operative care.
2. Inflammation and edema are nonexistent or less than more invasive implants.
3. No sutures or these are minimal.
4. Longer and better anesthetic period.
5. It allows dentists to perform surgeries in a single surgical procedure.
6. Preserves the gingival architecture.
7. It allows the manufacture of immediate loading prosthesis.
8. Faster and clean operations.
9. Increased accuracy.

It allows dentists to place implants in extreme situations because it is guided and is based on an accurate knowledge of the anatomical structures. It is possible, for example, to place the dental implants on the lingual nerve or anchor them in the medial wall of the maxillary sinus.

Disadvantages of minimally invasive implantology

1. It needs a good support for the splint. Patients should always be consulted during their preoperative visit. In totally edentulous patients, the only possible support for MII is the mucosa, so dentists can ensure the mouth has adequate rigidity.
2. A good band of keratinized tissue is required.
3. It presents greater difficulties to irrigate.

MII is a flapless guided surgery performed with some possible risks and complications. There are several factors to consider with this type of surgery. There is a chance that dentists can pierce the cortex and penetrate the sublingual space. Bleeding from this space is very difficult to control, and that can easily turn into a life-threatening situation for the patient, mainly due to a large number of sublingual branches. This fact is well documented in several published reports, which involved a tracheotomy and hospitalization.

The Best Cosmetic Dentistry in Winnetka deals with difficulties in subsequent sectors for milling, due to the length of the drills combined with the height of the ferrule. This aspect must be taken into account by measuring the openness of the mouth and taking into account the type of teeth present. To know more information visit us online at Chicago Beautiful Smiles.

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