Is there a Wisdom Teeth Dentist and Do You Need One?

Have you ever heard of a wisdom teeth dentist in Chicago? Most people haven’t because wisdom tooth removal isn’t something that is a singular focus with dental professionals. Oral surgeons and dentists handle them as needed, but they couldn’t make a living on just wisdom tooth removal. Therefore, they include it with their many other services, providing it to those who need it. Chicago residents may wonder if they should go to their general dentist or choose an oral surgeon.

What is Extraction?

Extractions are surgical procedures because you receive a numbing shot first, the professional must use tools to remove the tooth, and they may need to cut into the gum to do so safely and efficiently. While many extractions are simple and require a few pulls, others require gum tissue to be removed or cut away and more.

While an X-ray can help your wisdom teeth dentist in Chicago determine if your extraction is going to be simple or not, complications can arise during the procedure, so it is best to choose someone with plenty of experience.

Oral Surgeons Vs. Dentists

Oral surgeons have the tools and skills required to handle any complications. They may also be able to reduce recovery time and prevent issues like dry socket from occurring. However, most dentists also have the right tools and perform these procedures many times throughout the year. They are trained and qualified to handle most cases.

It is ultimately up to you to decide who you want to perform the procedure. However, many dental practices now have multiple dentists onsite; you can visit a general dentist for most things, an oral surgeon for extractions and implants, and a cosmetic dentist for aesthetic enhancements.

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