Make an Appointment at the Orthodontics in Weatherford TX

Long ago, many people made a trip from their own home town into major cities to have “more complicated” dental procedures completed. If you are old enough, you may even remember making those trips.


Today, patients are so fortunate to have dentists who practice “big city dentistry” in the smaller towns and you don’t have to travel anymore. When you step into the dentist’s office, you’ll feel welcome and know you’ll be well taken care of by people who really care about you. When you are treated by the original Orthodontics Weatherford TX residents have trusted for 50 years, you are going to walk out with your most beautiful, gleaming smile.

If you’re worried about financing your dental procedures, there are various ways to pay for your care. You can pay by check, major credit card, insurance carriers such as Delta and Aetna; group insurance and pension plans; you can pay by cash and for treatments your insurance doesn’t cover, you can also apply for and use the CareCredit option when you are approved. This financing will even cover your pet, LASIK, hearing aids, your dental care and much more and is well worth looking into.

You can also use the online dental library the Orthodontics Weatherford TX has available to look up why your mouth is dry, how diabetes affects your teeth, gum disease, dental problems, abscessed teeth, why you have bad breath (Halitosis), all about canker and cold sores, bulimia nervosa, and fluorosis. You can look up oral health topics such as oral piercing, tobacco, age and oral health and many more topics. This is where you can learn how to keep from getting gum disease by following the dentist’s and the hygienist’s instructions and following a good diet to keep you and your teeth healthy forever.

When you visit the Orthodontics Weatherford TX patients recommend the most, one of the first things you’ll notice are the gloves, gowns and masks that are worn, not only to protect you, but also to protect the dentist and his staff from drug resistant viruses. All instruments are disinfected or steamed after they are used on every patient. Hand washing is practiced constantly, even after touching surfaces that could be contaminated with germs. You must let the dentist know if your immune system is compromised or if you have other health problems.