Prevent Bone Loss from a Missing Tooth with Dental Implants

When a person loses a tooth due to a dental extraction or an accident, they often do not worry about replacing the tooth. Especially, if the lost tooth is in the back of their mouth and unable to be seen by other people. While they may only consider the aesthetic appearance of a missing tooth, lost teeth can cause more problems than just affecting the person’s smile. One primary issue that people will experience over time with missing teeth is the slow deterioration of their jawbone. As this bone deteriorates, it can alter the shape of a person’s face and make them appear older than the individual really is. With dental implants in Park Ridge, a false tooth that looks and feels like a natural one can be surgically embedded to replace the missing tooth.

Additional Problems that Can Occur

If a person with missing teeth does not select dental implants in Park Ridge to fill the gap, it can lead to other dental problems. The gap left by a missing tooth leaves room in the person’s mouth for other teeth to shift. This can lead to misaligned teeth that can affect their ability to eat properly or certain foods. Their speech can become slurred or they may have trouble pronouncing certain words due to the missing tooth. These problems can be avoided by replacing the missing tooth with an implant that will work and feel like natural teeth.

Schedule an Appointment to Learn if You are a Candidate

Dental implants can provide a permanent solution to missing teeth that can last a person a lifetime. However, it will depend on how much bone is left in their mouth on whether someone is an ideal candidate for implants or require an alternate solution. At Awesome Dentistry, one of their skilled dentists can examine your mouth to determine if dental implants are the answer you are looking for to replace one or more missing teeth. Follow us on Google+.


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