Project Chessed – Past and Present

When using our dental services at Dwoskin & Owens Cosmetic & Family Dentistry it may be beneficial to also know about a program that has been designed to offer financial assistance to patients – Project Chessed.

Before the advent of the Affordable Care Act, needy Jewish citizens in the Detroit area received various health care services, from physicals to oral surgery, through Project Chessed (Hebrew meaning “act of loving kindness”). The program was implemented and run by Jewish Family Services. Farmington Hills residents, as well as others in the surrounding region, were able to benefit greatly from this program.

Unique Need

A decade prior to the ACA, there existed in the community a unique need for affordable health care. In between those who were indigent enough to qualify for Medicaid and those who were able to afford their own health insurance, was a large group that needed a way to secure health care services. The program, which would come to the aid of more than 10,000 people in the greater Detroit area, was established by Jewish Family Services. Farmington Hills and other surrounding locations, for example, were covered within its service area.

How the Program Worked

Each client being served by the program was assigned a case manager along with a primary care provider. All care was coordinated between the two. The JFS also worked with Employee Health Insurance Management to negotiate rates on prescriptions and develop a formulary specifically for clients of the program Project Chessed. Farmington Hills, along with many other suburbs of Detroit, all had providers within their boundaries in order to provide services to as many as possible while stretching their budget dollars as far as they could.

The program was made possible by dozens of volunteer providers, all of whom provided the care pro bono. Hospitals were reimbursed by the state as part of the Disproportionate Hospital Share Program. There were also fundraisers, donors and the Jewish Fund, which provided money needed for administrative costs, prescription aid, etc.

The Affordable Care Act and Beyond

With the establishment of the Affordable Care Act, Project Chessed has evolved. As health care is now being addressed by the government, the well trained resources of the JFS are utilizing their reach to aid their clients in applying for insurance and procuring subsidies.

Additionally, when Detroit was ravaged by floods, the team worked with agencies all over the city to aid those in the Jewish community that were affected by the devastation. They partnered up with companies that could help replace mattresses and box springs, toys, clothing and other household items, as well as resource for assistance with insurance claims, flood mitigation and restoration.

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