Can you Benefit from Dentures in Washington, DC?

by | Aug 6, 2015 | Dentistry

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Though many people consider dentures to be a dental appliance only the elderly need, there are actually many younger people who wear them. Dentures may be needed when a person has lost most or all of their natural teeth due to gum infections, massive tooth rot, or because of an injury. When a person is missing their teeth, life becomes difficult in many ways. They may have trouble eating many foods and often feel ashamed to show their smile or talk in front of others. With dentures in Washington, DC, the dentist can give a patient a new smile so they can regain control of many areas of their life.

Many years ago, dentures were fake-looking and uncomfortable. People often felt their dentures looked obviously false. Today, much advancement has been made in dental science, allowing dental labs to create dentures that are made specifically for a patient’s mouth. These teeth look more lifelike and feel more comfortable than ever before.

When a patient needs dentures, the dentist will make impressions of their gum plates so the dental lab will have a mold to go by when creating the dentures in Washington, DC. Today, many dental offices have machines that can allow dentures to be created on-site, the same day. Patients no longer have to wait weeks for their dentures to come back so they can have their smiles restored right away.

In the beginning, people can find the dentures make their gums slightly sore. To help prevent this, the dentist recommends patients to use denture pain-relieving gel and over-the-counter pain medication until their gums toughen up and their dentures feel more comfortable.

With dentures, a person’s smile can be complete so they can eat the foods they love without worries. Dentures can allow a person to look more attractive so they feel confident in their appearance.

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