Root Canal Versus Extraction – Why Save Your Tooth With a Root Canal?

When a tooth is infected or damaged, your first solution is to have it removed. You may ask your dentist to extract it. He will check it and tell you to save it. This is what a root canal is all about. Having root canals in Lakeview is a way to keep your teeth complete instead of having a gap because of the extracted one.

Why do dentists love to save your teeth? Here are the reasons.

To Prevent Tooth Loss and Toothache

A root canal is recommended if your tooth is already infected and abscessed are already present on the pulp. If you ignore this condition, it can lead to an unbearable toothache that leads to jawbone decay that can cause your tooth to fall out.

To Keep Your Teeth Set Complete

A root canal is a procedure that will keep the tooth in its place but will kill the pulp. The pulp is the inside part of your tooth. It is the one that gets infected and causes pain. A root canal will keep the pulp from getting more abscess.

With a root canal, your tooth is saved and won’t fall out anymore. You won’t have to suffer from toothache as well.

It Is A Long-Term Solution

A root canal is a long-term solution for damaged and infected tooth pulp. If you go with extraction, it will relieve the pain and infection, but you will end up with a missing tooth. In the end, you might either need a denture to fill in the gap or a dental implant. Regardless, the price of both procedures is also high. A denture is also not a long-term solution as you have to replace it from time to time. A dental implant is a long-term solution, but the price can be a bit high.

With a root canal, the tooth is saved, and you no longer have to worry about it nor feel any pain from it.

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