Sealants Treatment

Sealants are used to protect the surface of the teeth against cavities. Once applied, they have been proven to offer up to 100% protection. If the sealants treatment Vancouver, WA patients receive has been properly placed, bacteria and food particles will not be able to travel around the sealant and affect the tooth below. Sealants offer maximum protection for the deep grooves and hollows of the teeth that are difficult for the toothbrush to reach easily.

How are sealants placed?

The placement of sealants is a simple process that occurs in the dentist’s office and takes just a few minutes to complete. The dentist will clean the tooth as a preliminary step and then slightly roughen the surface of the tooth to allow the sealant to adhere properly. The sealants treatment Vancouver, WA dentists provide will then be painted onto the surface of the tooth where it will bond and harden. If needed, a curing light may also be used to facilitate the hardening of the sealant. There is no pain involved in the application of a sealant and the entire process may take between 5 to 45 minutes to be completed.

A sealant treatment will hold up well under the daily rigors of chewing and talking and will typically remain intact for many years. Once a sealant has been properly applied, the risk of tooth decay is significantly reduced as the tooth’s surface remains completely protected.

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