Services Offered in Old Town Dental Offices in Chicago

by | Jan 30, 2015 | Dental Care

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Old Town in Chicago is considered to be a great place to find dental offices and other helpful items. If you live near the area, you may want to consider what services a dentist around that area may offer, so you can determine where you will go to find your next dentist. Finding a dentist can be difficult work, especially if you are new to the area.

General Dentistry

General dentistry includes cleanings, exams, x-rays and much more. Many dentists call this type of service preventative, because it helps keep your teeth healthy and clean so you don’t have to have other procedures done. However, extractions, root canals and other restorative procedures can be done, so that your teeth stay healthy and as beautiful as possible.


Dental implants are fake teeth that are implanted into the gum and bone so that they are permanent. While it does take a few months and visits to complete, you are left with a fake tooth that looks as natural as your regular teeth. You won’t have as many hassles with these options like you would with dentures, and they are easier to get used to.


Braces have never been a popular restorative technique for most people because they look bad and are annoying to deal with. However, newer options are available that are invisible and are simply placed over the teeth unless you are sleeping, eating or brushing them. This allows you to get the benefit of braces without the hassle and look of traditional metal options.

Sleep/Relaxation Dentistry

For those with sleep apnea, there are special appliances available to help reduce the amount of snoring and help you sleep better. Many dentists can design and make these items for you.

Relaxation dentistry is a helpful tool for those who are afraid of dentists or their work. The dentist talks you through each step of the process and will wait until you are ready and feel safe to continue on with the procedure.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Almost everyone will have their wisdom teeth and most people will have them removed because their mouths aren’t big enough to hold all their normal teeth. Extracting the tooth is important because otherwise, it could cause cavities, jaw or mouth problems and pain.

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