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by | Jul 31, 2014 | Dental Services

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Not many people really think about the importance of good dental hygiene. To many, thinking about dental health only crosses their minds when they are faced with a dental emergency. However, if you want healthy teeth that are going to serve you for many years, you need to get a dental health insurance and dentist to help you start taking better care of your teeth. Here are some of the services offered by dentists in Stroudsburg.

Teeth cleaning

Even with regular brushing, teeth tend to accumulate dental plaque, something that makes them prone to getting cavities. To protect your teeth from these bacteria, you will need teeth cleaning at least once every few months. The aim of this cleaning is removing all the food particles that get stuck between the teeth preventing the plaque from being turned to acid that corrodes the teeth causing cavities.

Dealing with cavities

Cavities form as a result of poor dental hygiene. When people eat and fail to brush their teeth as they are supposed to, the food particles that are stuck between the teeth get acted on by bacteria leading to acid formation. This acid corrodes away at the enamel and the dentin, leading to cavity formation. When the damage reaches the pulp cavity, it is exposed to bacterial infections which cause toothache. The only solution to cavities is getting a root canal procedure carried out. This will involve removal of the dead tissue and the sealing of the tooth. A dental cap or crown will be added to protect the tooth from further damage.

Cosmetic dentistry

These are all the procedures that are meant to improve the way a person’s teeth look. Some of the procedures offered under cosmetic dentistry include the following:

  • Getting dental implants
  • Veneers
  • Teeth whitening and bleaching
  • Invisalign
  • Bonding and getting dentures

All these procedures are applied to fix teeth that have different types of deformities.

Other services that are offered by a dentist in Stroudsburg include emergency dental services and many other restorative procedures. These family dentists can be reached by going to Bartonsville Family Dental. Their services are quality and affordable.


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