The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening in Howell

Although popular, affordable, and convenient, over-the-counter teeth-whitening kits can’t stand up to professional teeth whitening. Going the professional route might be more expensive, but once you know the many benefits, you’ll most likely start looking for a dentist who provides Teeth Whitening in Howell, New Jersey.

Faster Results

Professional teeth whitening is faster than over-the-counter methods. The latter often requires the use of whitening gels, trays or strips, several times a day over a period of one to two weeks. Your teeth slowly get whiter as time progresses. A cosmetic dentist can get the job done in one session that might even take less than an hour.

Better Results

Because Dentists who offer Teeth Whitening in Howell have access to professional-strength teeth whiteners and state-of-the-art equipment that can erase surface and deep stains, you get better results compared to home-whitening kits. Often home-whitening applications are messy, and the gel, paste or strips aren’t applied correctly. This can result in gum and tooth discomfort.

Lasting Results

A New Jersey dentist can recommend a proper home maintenance program to keep up the results after whitening your teeth. When done correctly the results might last longer than a year. Results from home-whitening kits don’t last this long. The moment you start drinking coffee, tea and wine, or other beverages that can stain your teeth, the results fade.

Other Services

In addition to Teeth Whitening in Howell, you might find that the dentist of your choice runs a full-service facility. This means that in addition to teeth whitening, he also provides other cosmetic services, and general and emergency services. These can include everything from cleanings, bridges and fillings, to dental implants, clear braces, bonding, and veneers. Having access to an Emergency Dentist can always come in handy, because you never know when you might chip a tooth or need an emergency root canal. Knowing that you can just walk in the door without an appointment to have your teeth repaired can set your mind at ease. click here for more information on teeth whitening.


Undergoing professional teeth whitening can give you fast results and a brighter, long-lasting white smile. In addition to this, a knowledgeable, full-service dentist can supervise the entire procedure to ensure it goes smoothly. He can also detect and recommend any other dental care that you might need. By using a professional, you can rest assure that you get your money’s worth.