Should You Consider Teeth Whitening in Lehigh Valley?

by | Jan 22, 2014 | Dental

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If you want to see a dramatic improvement in the appearance of your teeth, Teeth Whitening in Lehigh Valley can help. Whitening your teeth to their natural level of whiteness can improve the way your smile looks and even make you look younger. To make the decision on whether or not this procedure is for you, it can help to know exactly what to expect. This will provide you with the information you need, to make an informed decision.

What Takes Place During a Teeth Whitening in Lehigh Valley Procedure?

If you are having a traditional whitening treatment, the dentist will cover your teeth with the whitening solution and allow you to rest while it works to remove stains from the different layers of your teeth. Unlike at-home whitening treatments, dental treatments can remove stains from the dentin area. At-home kits typically only remove stains from the outer enamel, giving you lackluster results. The solution will need to sit on your teeth for a timed period and then the dentist will remove the whitener and see your progress. If you have not reached your desired level of whitening, the dentist will most likely schedule you for further treatments.

In some cases, Teeth Whitening in Lehigh Valley cannot get your teeth to the level of whitening you desire. This is where a bleaching treatment can often be beneficial. These treatments can remove all of your stains and dramatically whiten your teeth well beyond your natural level of whiteness. Bleaching is used for severe staining or for people who want Hollywood white teeth. Once you have reached your level of desired whitening, avoiding smoking, drinking wine and eating certain foods can help to keep your teeth white between your dental treatments.

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