Why Teeth Whitening in Haddon Heights is so Popular

by | Jan 23, 2014 | Dental

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Cosmetic Dentistry can help improve a person’s smile dramatically. In fact, this particular section of dentistry has grown exponentially in the past 15 years. This in mainly due to procedures like the installation of dental implants and veneers. However, it is Teeth Whitening in Haddon Heights that is taking the world by storm.

Good results, but not definitive

The result depends on the type of bleaching agent used, its concentration, duration, and number of times the agent is in contact with the teeth. Every patient responds differently to the application of the whitening gel. Dentists have to combine a certain number of parameters (light, time and concentration) in order for each patient to have a successful treatment. Every treatment must be a safe, comfortable, and quick undertaking, while also having a lasting effect.

*   Each procedure will whiten two to eight tones on the dental chromatic scale. It does so in a uniform manner.

  There is no such thing as an unlimited whitening. Once a person has reached a certain point in the process, the gel has no more effect. If you have certain expectations that Teeth Whitening in Haddon Heights cannot reach, you may want to try another procedure, like porcelain veneers.

*   The effects of whitening are not definitive. There may be a slight relapse in color after you finish the tooth whitening procedure. This normal darkening in tone can be reversed by undergoing a “whitening booster” session, which must be supervised by a professional.

  You must be aware that dental whitening will not have any effect on porcelain veneers or composite restorations. If you wish to have your teeth completely whitened, you must have these restorations changed after you have completed your whitening procedure. Your dentist will ensure the color of the restorations match the color of your new smile.

Influence of food

During the whitening procedure, in the immediate phase, and at the end of treatment, teeth are more likely to attract external pigments. They are also more sensitive to extreme temperatures. For this reason, you should follow these tips:

*   No smoking.
  Maintain proper oral hygiene.
*   Do not rinse with chlorhexidine-based mouthwash.
*   Avoid drinking dark beverages (tea, coffee, red wine and soda).

For more information on how Teeth Whitening in Haddon Heights can benefit you, contact your local dentist today. You can also visit Cherry Hill Family Dental and browse the cosmetic dentistry section.



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