Should You Make an Appointment with the Dental Office in Stratford CT When You Have Tooth Pain?

Tooth pain is something no one wants to have to deal with. For minor tooth pain and sensitivity, you may be able to take some pain medication or use a warm compress to find relief from your pain. Though these methods can be beneficial for short-term acute pain, pain that goes on and on can be difficult to control. As the chronic pain worsens with time, many people have trouble dealing with it. It is important for you to understand what causes tooth pain and how you can be treated. Through the Dental Office in Stratford CT, you can receive treatment for your pain, so you can find lasting relief.

What are the Main Causes of Tooth Pain?

  • Cavities are the most common cause of tooth pain. The pain is caused by the decay eating away at the tooth. As the decay progresses, it will eventually begin to eat away at the inner soft tissues of the tooth, exposing the nerve. People experience tooth pain when they drink hot or cold liquids or eat sweets. This is because the nerve is exposed, causing sharp or dull pain. If left untreated, the decay will continue and can even spread to other teeth. This can cause massive damage to your teeth and eventual tooth loss. By filling your cavity, the nerve will no longer be exposed and you will not suffer from pain any longer.
  • Infections can occur in any of your teeth and once the infection has progressed to a certain point, it can cause severe pain. The signs of infection include pain, swelling, pus drainage, foul breath and fever. If you have any of these symptoms, the Dental Office in Stratford CT can begin to treat the infection with an aggressive antibiotic, so your infection can be eliminated and your pain stopped.
  • Injuries can happen in a variety of different ways. Minor injuries may go unnoticed until they cause pain. A healthy tooth is not normally easy to injure. If you have an injury, your dentist can repair the damage and will check for decay. With the tooth repaired, you should no longer suffer with pain.

If you have any of these conditions and are experiencing tooth pain, seeing the dentist is crucial.