Signs You Need a Teeth Cleaning

by | Apr 27, 2016 | Dentist

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Visiting your dentist on a regular basis is meant to protect against the development of cavities and gum disease by keeping your teeth and gums clean. Oftentimes though, the obligations of daily life and other stresses can cause you miss one appointment too many. Before you know it, you forget to schedule your next cleaning and are left in a less than ideal dental situation.

If you are concerned about your teeth, here are a few signs that you should visit your dentist for your next cleaning immediately. By taking action sooner than later, you will be able to prevent further deterioration and damage.

You Do Not Brush and Floss Daily

There are numerous factors that can exacerbate the development of cavities and gum disease and failure to brush and floss daily are two of those factors. Those who do not brush and floss daily experience the accumulation of tartar and plaque not only on and around the tooth, but also within the gums. The plaque and tartar then hardens, becoming even more difficult to remove. To fully clean the tooth and gums, it because necessary to visit a dental professional. The professional is able to remove the most stubborn of buildup.

You are Prone to Cavities or Gum Disease

Most patients fall into one of two categories: those who are prone to developing gum disease and those who are prone to developing cavities. Neither category is necessary worse than the other, but both do require frequent dental attention. For those who are more likely to develop cavities, it is best to get a teeth cleaning every four months.

Alternatively, those who are prone to developing gum disease and who do not floss on a regular basis should schedule a teeth cleaning every three months. Keeping up with a set schedule will prevent the development of both these conditions.
You Care About Your Teeth

Overall, if you care about your teeth and want to maintain your dental health, then you should get regular teeth cleanings in Boston. Visiting your dental professional for teeth cleanings in Boston on a regular basis will ensure that your teeth remain in good condition.

Another advantage of regular cleanings is that you will be able protect the cosmetic appearance of your teeth. Those who receive teeth cleanings have a better and more beautiful looking smile than those who do not frequently visit the dentist.

Mayani Dental Group keeps patients happy by protecting their smile. Teeth cleanings in Boston is just one among many procedures that the dental group performs.

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