Some dental Researches and Dentist in Whippany

Many researches are done in dental field, giving us some amazing facts about it. A Dentist working in Whippany also takes part in such researches to improve their knowledge as a doctor. According to one such a result there is a certain link between dementia and oral health habits, and it may occur when you get old according to ADA.

The research was based on 8 years, and it included questions about natural teeth, number of frequent visits to the dentist, dentures and oral health habits. This research was done on a retirement community, and it covered 5,468 adults who did not have a dementia history and the average age included 81 years. It is found that those who brush their teeth once a day or not even once they may develop dementia later and the chances are 65 percent.

Similarly, it was found during the research that old men who did not have natural teeth were more at risk that is 91 percent, whereas this risk is less among men who can chew. However, women are not at a risk to that extent. The status of dementia was also assessed from certain factors, including hospital records, questionnaires, death certificates, and in-person evaluation. According to the dentist in Whippany several old people suffer from dementia.

Another research was done which said that if a father has a dental phobia, it can pass on to his children as well. However, the exact level is not known regarding both parents. This research was done on 187 students of ages 7 to 12, and it included a questionnaire. The participants showed their fear about 15 dental items and related issues. Scientists say that when the fear is of high level in a family member, it would definitely transfer to another member, especially if it’s about father as the child is more influenced by him.

Though, the mothers also have such fears, but they don’t much influence the children. So, the dentist should try to reduce a father’s dental fear in various ways. The doctor should guide him about various treatments, and should also try some relaxation techniques, and negative thoughts should be eliminated from a patient’s mind. Such techniques prevent a father to pass on this fear to his children. A Dentist in Whippany also believes in such research to some extent.

According to a dental professor, the parents should show confidence in front of their children and should hide their fear. If parents are positive and have a right attitude they can transfer this behavior to their children which will be very helpful in treatments. Children of less fearful parents hardly get a phobia, and would never hesitate to go to a dentist. Hence we should concentrate on our behaviors in this regard.

Similarly, if our oral health habits are positive, they are also transferred to our children, like daily teeth cleaning, visiting the dentist frequently, and taking healthy diet. Mothers should give it a great care to give healthy food to her children. All such researches help us a lot to understand some dental facts.

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