Sports Injuries Can Lead to a Visit to an Emergency Dentist in Cedar Knolls

Riding a bicycle or playing sports is usually fun, but sometimes, these physical activities result in injuries. A face-plant onto a hard surface, a baseball in the mouth, or even something completely unexpected like running into a goal post can cause the fun to end with a trip to an Emergency Dentist. In these cases, the trip is usually caused by a need to fix teeth that have been cracked or broken, have been knocked loose, or have even been knocked out.

Cracked or broken teeth are the easiest ones to save because they still are anchored strongly into the jaw. What needs to be done to fix them will depend on the severity of the problem. A little chip in a front tooth can usually be ground down, and if that’s really all that’s wrong, it’s not even an emergency. However, such impacts can cause hidden cracks, so it’s still a good idea to get it checked by an emergency dentist care center in Cedar Knolls to be sure that a crown isn’t needed.

Teeth that are visibly cracked or broken will need a crown at the very least. This will replace the damaged natural crown with one that is typically made of porcelain. Depending on which tooth or teeth are involved, the porcelain may be overlaid on top of strong high noble metal to provide good chewing power. Since it takes a while for a dental lab to make these crowns, a temporary one will be provided at first. Using the temporary crown for a while will also give time to make sure that the root of the tooth wasn’t hurt by the accident. If it was, root canal therapy will be necessary to stop infection and save the tooth.

When a crack or break is severe enough, it will open up the tooth’s pulp chamber right away. This will cause the roots to die or become infected. When it’s clear that this has happened, you won’t have to wait to see if you need a root canal. One will be performed immediately by the Emergency Dentist in Cedar Knolls, since a damaged root always ends badly without treatment.

Teeth that are loosened by impacts will usually need root canal treatment if they are permanent ones. This is because of the disruption to the roots’ blood supply. Baby teeth, however, often heal after simple repositioning by an Business Name.