Why At Home Teeth Whitening is Vastly Superior to the Dental Option

There are two overarching approaches to teeth whitening. Advertisers follow the approach of doing it over the counter. It is quicker, cheaper, and more effective- or so they lead individuals to believe. On the other hand, the Emergency Dentist in Stroudsburg and other medical professionals suggest looking at the facts and taking the more professional alternative, which is professional maintenance and care in whitening the teeth.

Now it is important to say that over the counter methods have their virtues. They could be easily used by people that fit the below criteria:

  • •   Have absolutely no other mouth related ailments, such as bleeding gums, veneers, or gingivitis
  • •   Understand that teeth whitening is a chemical process and that overexposure could be dangerous or counter-productive
  • •   Do not have major discoloration. This would require a higher grade only provided through a dentist’s office directly

People with other outstanding gum or teeth related symptoms could have underlying problems, and teeth whitening from home could accentuate these symptoms. Furthermore, teeth whitening consists of bleach, and those sensitive to it should just stay far away. So, what is the main consideration for going professional instead of at home?

Overall Health of the Mouth

Many take for granted the fact that the teeth whitening centre is a chemical process. Over the counter methods rely on bleach as a leading ingredient. Professional services rely on a peroxide blend that is easily safer but still a potential cause for harm. The overall health of the mouth should be taken into account. The reason being is that potential veneers and implants could be vulnerable to teeth whitening. This is more than just a weird sensation or sensitivity to the product. It could be damaging the actual bondings and affecting their durability. If any veneers or bonds are present, always consult with a dentist. It is smarter to go the professional route if there is any present surgery.

In general, teeth whitening should be done under the supervision of a professional emergency dentist in Stroudsburg. It is significant to understand that this is a procedure, however mainstream and accessible, and it is not something that necessarily should be done for everyone.