Taking Proactive Healthcare Measures to Improve and Protect Your Smile

As you go through life, your teeth can start to show their age. Lifestyle habits like chewing tobacco, drinking coffee and tea, taking certain medications, and smoking can cause your teeth to develop stains and dark spots. They can also sustain damages like chips, cracks, and holes just through eating or not taking care of your teeth properly by going to the dentist regularly.

Rather than live with stained and aged teeth, you can undergo treatments like teeth whitening in Hoffman Estates to improve your smile. You could recoup your teeth’s natural whiteness and enjoy overall better oral health.

Using Dental Bleach

The process of going through teeth whitening in Hoffman Estates can entail several different procedures. One of the most common ways to get whiter teeth involves having dental bleach applied to your enamel. This dental bleach is safe enough for oral use but also strong enough to lift stains left behind by tobacco and caffeine.

The bleach is put in dental trays that are fitted around your teeth. You then leave the trays in place for a brief period to get rid of stains. You may have to repeat this treatment numerous times to get the desired result.

Undergoing Laser Treatment

Another option you have to get rid of stains and whiten teeth involves undergoing laser treatment. Your dentist will target dental lasers at your teeth. The lasers will then penetrate below the enamel to loosen and lift stains.

During the treatment, you will wear special goggles to protect your eyes. Laser treatment typically requires two or three sessions to get the desired results.

The type of treatment that you undergo will depend on the recommendation of your dentist. It could depend on the severity of your stains and damages as well as your overall health. You can find out more about undergoing teeth whitening to improve your smile online. Contact Schumer Family Dental Care at www.ElkGroveVillageDentist.com for information.


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