Three Facts About Dental Implants That You Definitely Need to Know

Qualified, licensed dentists across the United States install dental implants into patients’ mouths to the tune of about five million people each year. These implants are used to add one or more teeth to adults’ mouths to replace teeth that are missing. Dental implants last a very long time, especially compared to other methods of treatment like bridges, and that is one of the main benefits of using dental implants in Macon, GA.. Here are a few things you should know about dental implants.

Dental Implants Are Rooted in a Patient’s Maxillofacial Bone Structure

Your jaws are home to hard anchors made out of solid bone that are ultimately responsible for keeping your teeth in place. Other ways of replacing missing teeth don’t secure replacements to the depth of your underlying maxillofacial bone structure. When you get implants, first a hole is drilled into the bony anchor that is a part of your jaw. From there, a screw is anchored into the bone. Then a replacement tooth is screwed onto the exposed half or third of the metal rod affixed to the underlying maxillofacial structure.

Choosing Dental Implants Means Choosing Healthy Bones

Although problems can occur following medical treatments, especially surgeries like the installation of dental implants, having healthy bones reduces risks. Dental implants can actually help to boost bone growth of the maxillofacial foundation, which further secures the metal rods in place. As a result, dental implants in Macon, GA, are rarely rejected.

The Three Parts of a Dental Implant

Bones actively grow around titanium, so titanium rods are first anchored in a patients’ maxillofacial foundation. The hard material used to form the shape of the tooth that’s screwed onto the titanium rods. Lastly, an aesthetically pleasing crown that matches your other teeth will be used to cover up the abutment.