Teeth Whitening in South Amboy Can Help a Person’s Smile

Over time, a person’s teeth can change color. This discoloration can occur on the surface of teeth or within the layers of teeth. When this happens, a person is often embarrassed by the look of her smile. To rectify this, many people get Teeth Whitening in South Amboy. This treatment involves lightening the color of teeth to their natural color and beyond. There are many over-the-counter, professionally dispensed, and in-office treatments available for dental patients to have the smile they want.

The top two layers of the teeth are the enamel and the dentin. The enamel is the hardened, mineralized surface of teeth. Stains that occur here are referred to as extrinsic stains. Smoking soft drinks, tea, and certain foods can change the color of a tooth’s surface. Intrinsic stains occur when substances penetrate the dentin layer of a tooth. Medicines like tetracycline seep through the porous tissue that comprises the dentin in teeth. Overexposure to fluoride, trauma, and congenital factors also contribute to stains on teeth.

Many people choose to teeth whitening services in South Amboy by using over-the-counter products. Some of the products include tooth whitening toothpaste, tooth whitening gels, tooth whitening strips, tooth whitening gums, and tooth whitening rinses. Many of these products contain a whitening agent that consists of carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. Carbamide peroxide has hydrogen peroxide in it while hydrogen peroxide is a solution that is the primary whitening agent. Products used in an office settings use a stronger solution to lighten teeth. Before a person uses an over-the-counter product, she should thoroughly read all instructions. if there are any questions, a Cosmetic Dentist should be consulted for answers.

Many dentists will prescribe a product for teeth whitening in South Amboy that is given out only by dentists. This gives patients the opportunity to talk to a dentist about their concerns. Having teeth lightened in at a dental practice has the advantages of working faster and being done by a professional.

Having teeth lightened can dramatically change the way a person looks. Having teeth that are white, bright, and uniform in appearance often increases a person’s self-confidence and interaction with others. If you think this treatment is for you, talk to your dentist about your options. Click here for more.