The Benefits of Root Canals

Everyone experiences a tooth ache at some point in their life, whether it’s a mild pain, or a searing, sharp pain that shoots through your entire jaw. If you’ve ever experienced an infected tooth, then you know the only course of action is to have a root canal done to get rid of the infected nerve. Root Canals Roseburg OR or elsewhere are very effective when it comes to getting rid of an infected nerve that’s causing you pain and misery.

Dentists prefer not to do Root Canals whenever they can repair a tooth another way, because once the nerve is removed your tooth will essentially be dead. At some point in the future, a tooth that has had it’s nerve removed due to infection or other reasons, will need to be pulled out and replaced with an implant or bridge. This is simply because without your nerve, your tooth will slowly start to die. Once this occurs, the tooth will become brittle and can be damaged very easily, which is why most dentists prefer to avoid root canals if at all possible.

Root Canals Roseburg OR are a very specific procedure, involving the dentist cutting into your tooth with their drill until they reach the nerve. You will require a local anesthetic of course, to dull the pain in the area, such as Novocaine. It will be administered via needle directly in the location of your infected tooth. Once numb, the dentist will drill a hole large enough for their tools, and start to extract the nerve by cutting it off in the root. Some teeth have nerves for each root, so your molars will usually have four nerves to be removed whereas your canines and front teeth will only have one each.

Once removed, your dentist will seal the hole with dental cement, the same way they would a cavity, and usually put a crown on it made out of metal or porcelain. They will build your tooth back up to a basic shape to hold the crown in place, before putting it in. If it’s a metal crown, it will be done in the same visit, however if it’s a porcelain you may have to schedule a follow up visit while the crown is made and wear a temporary crown until then. Browse the site for more information.