Family Dentist In Yorba Linda

by | Aug 23, 2019 | Dental, Dentist

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Choosing one Family Dentist Yorba Linda is the best way to take care of the dental needs of your spouse, your children and yourself all at the same location. General dentistry services will include professional cleanings, exams to surgical procedures. Root canal procedure is one of the most dreaded by many if you are advised to have it done.

However with major advancement of dental technology over the years, a modern root canal is a relatively simple process. It is gentle, practically painless and your pain is eliminated immediately of why you had to have it in the first place. Reconstructive care involves repairing or replacing broken teeth. If you have an afterhours emergency, we will give you a number to keep on hand to call if you ever experience a broken tooth or excruciating pain. Cosmetic dentistry options include porcelain veneers and teeth whitening. Porcelain veneers are custom made out of high quality grade porcelain. They are completely natural looking and durable.

Teeth whitening is a process that deals with tooth discoloration. There are two types of processes available. A solution teeth whitening or deep bleaching. Dental implants are the most realistic and stable option for missing teeth. They are surgically embedded into the jaw forming as artificial tooth roots. Dental crowns are a restorative and cosmetic form of medical grade porcelain that brings back function to cracked or weakened teeth. Dental bridges are another option created for those missing one or more of their natural teeth.

A pontic that resembles the tooth is created and attached to a custom bridge. The custom bridge will fit perfectly into your mouth as so the pontic attached to it fills the gap of the missing teeth. For our young patients we strive to make the dental experience comfortable and fun one instead of a scary one. We like to teach our young patients of the proper way to brush and floss their teeth and educate them why it is important to do so.

The first step would be to call and schedule an initial consultation so a customized treatment plan can be made for your specific needs. Visit the site for more information.

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