The Dentist in Burbank Can Provide The Dental Care To Keep Your Mouth Healthy And Your Teeth Beautiful

Many people do not realize that good dental health is important not only for their teeth and gums, but also for their overall health. Gum disease can affect the heart and cause inflammation in other areas where it is not wanted. Gum disease can cause teeth to develop abscesses which are infections. Eventually, the lack of good dental care will cause teeth to decay and the surface of the teeth to become discolored.

Dental cleaning will remove tartar and plaque. Plaque can cause bacteria and bacteria will cause toxins to build up in the gums. This will inflame the gums, and it is the start of periodontal disease. The cleaning process involves x-rays of the teeth to detect cavities, bone loss and teeth that are shifting. The dental exam will look for decaying teeth and prior filings that are not good any longer as well as cancer of the mouth and other problems.

A Dentist in Burbank can make dental implants to replace missing teeth. Implants can be made to enhance your smile and also provide a solution to having removable partial dentures. Dental implants are artificial roots made of titanium and the teeth can be porcelain or other materials. No one would recognize an implant. You don’t have to worry about their strength.

Having whiter teeth is now more important than ever because white teeth make a person’s smile better and their teeth are attractive. A popular method is using a tooth whitening system at home that will whiten teeth dramatically. Consult with Petreikis L D DDS before engaging in whitening your teeth at home.

The use of CEREC for crowns and fillings is an amazing advancement in dentistry. CEREC can produce any single tooth restoration in one visit. Discolored or chipped front teeth can be repaired by using the beautiful CEREC material for crowns or veneers. This process does not require drilling, shots, or any other troublesome dental procedure. CEREC provides the highest quality restorative care. Ask a Dentist in Burbank about the one visit CEREC restorative care.

There are so many advances made in dentistry that anyone can enjoy better dental health with less pain, and they can enjoy a beautiful smile.