Veneers and Your Cosmetic Dentist in Howell

by | Oct 1, 2014 | Dental Services

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Veneers are thin sheets that adhere to the tooth (you can compare them with fake fingernails). They are a wonderful way to mask dental color, shape or positional abnormalities compared to other more invasive solutions. Your local Cosmetic Dentist in Howell may use them to give you a good dental appearance. This fact makes porcelain or composite veneers a cosmetic dental treatment of the highest choice. Many people make use of this technique to achieve an attractive smile.

Benefits of dental veneers

  Make a difference in shape, size and color of teeth in no time.

  It is one of cosmetic dentistry’s less aggressive treatments (hence the reason many famous people have this procedure done).

  Your local Emergency Dentist can design a fully customized smile.

  It is a treatment with a long-term durability, maintaining the color and brightness. Binding to the enamel is very strong.\

*   Nobody will notice you are wearing artificial teeth, as they have a perfect fit regardless of the tooth.

*   They are resistant to attack by oral fluids and alcohol.

   They are homogeneous, which means they do not retain plaque or stain, and in addition, they promote periodontal health.

Diastema and veneers

Separations known as diastema between the above parts can be created and, in some cases, an unsightly smile. One option to address this situation is to have your local cosmetic dentist install veneers. The dentist will change the tooth structure however they see fit. The veneer is made in the dental laboratory, and when it returns, the dentist will use aesthetic tooth colored cement to cement it in its proper position.

Dental veneers can be used to improve teeth that have suffered some type of trauma or to help teeth that have lost their original shape. Another indication of the use of dental veneers is to improve old restorations or dental enamel defects. In cases where the patient not only wants to change the color of your teeth, but would also like to improve the shape and even out position, a very effective alternative is the use of dental veneers. For more information on veneers, contact your local Cosmetic Dentist in Howell today.

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