The Importance of Twice a Year Teeth Cleanings in Bellingham WA

Having a bright, clean smile makes everyone feel more confident. The easiest way to boost your smile is by having Teeth Cleanings Bellingham WA every six months. This not only makes your teeth sparkle, but it also helps prevent and diagnose any dental problems at the same time. There are a few reasons everyone should see their dentist twice a year.

Early Cavity Detection

Cavities are a common dental issue. They form when bacteria in the mouth eat away at the outermost layer of the tooth, known as the enamel. If a cavity is not treated in the early stages, the decay makes its way deeper into the tooth, eventually reaching the tooth nerve. When this happens, the tooth becomes infected and very painful. The easiest way to prevent this is by catching cavities while they are still small. During a routine cleaning, your dentist will examine the surface of each tooth, looking for signs of decay. X-rays are also sometimes used to find deeper cavities. It is easy to stop a cavity from spreading with a filling, and it also prevents further damage to the tooth.

Monitoring Gum Health

While most people are concerned about the appearance of their teeth, many don’t realize the importance of the gum tissue that surrounds them. The gums hold each tooth into place. If they become inflamed, this bond weakens, and teeth may become loose or even fall out. This is known as gum disease. Some symptoms of gum disease include tenderness or bleeding when brushing. Bad breath is also common. The health of the gum tissue will be evaluated during routine Teeth Cleanings Bellingham WA. If early stages of the disease are noted, the dentist will recommend a plan of action to stop the progression, including gum scaling or a deep cleaning. Flossing keeps the gum tissue strong, so everyone should remember to floss on a daily basis.

The dentists at website recommend cleanings twice a year. This not only keeps your smile looking its best, but it also helps prevent small dental problems from getting worse. Regular dental check-ups and proper daily hygiene habits will help keep your teeth healthy and strong.