The Loss of a Tooth Could Mean a Trip to the Family Dentist in Neenah, WI

A full mouth has thirty-two teeth, one less should not mean anything right? It will be barely noticeable. Nothing is further from reality, and this gross error leads to too many people down a winding road towards oral devastation. In a few years, a loss tooth (if left untreated) can manifest into several problems depending on the area of your mouth where the tooth is missing. If you lose a molar, masticatory imbalances will start. This happens when you are crushing food, working on one side, leaving the other with little function. This leads to more wear, more muscular dysfunction and more pressure on the working side joints. Seeing your Family Dentist in Neenah WI is a must at this point.

When molars are missing, the surrounding teeth will move, rotate and dislocate, generally leaning towards the clearance and the bone that supports them, weakening constantly. The human body is the same way. If part of it is not used, it atrophies. Over time, the space where the missing was, the surrounding bone will atrophy, losing height and width. This is a serious problem which can complicate long tooth replacement. You can remedy this issue by having an implant installed. It is important to replace a tooth as soon as possible. An implant is a great suggestion the dentist may have because it will be aesthetically correct and leave you with no health issues, as long as you keep the area clean and free of food or other debris. Fixed prosthesis is another suggestion the dentist may make, as well.

Naturally, all of the above has nothing to do with the third molars (wisdom teeth), the biggest problem that your mouth will mostly have. Dentists usually have to extract wisdom teeth anywhere between age 17 to age 30 because they come in between ages 17 to 25. Wisdom teeth get their name because of the age bracket the teeth show up in, usually the time adults find maturity right after turning 18. Anterior tooth aesthetic problems would emphasize a decline on shredder function. Bone loss complicates the installation of an implant because it requires bone regeneration for good aesthetics. If you have recently lost a tooth, it is vital you see your Family Dentist in Neenah, WI to determine the best route to take.