Tips for having natural looking dentures

by | Mar 15, 2014 | Dental Services

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For dentures to look natural they must come as close to replicating the patient’s natural teeth as possible. For the patient, it is not just appearance that counts; a proper fit and dentures that are secure in the oral cavity are equally important. Dentures must be made and maintained properly, the denture wearer is responsible for keeping the denture cleaned and brushed everyday and rinsed after every meal, in this way they will maintain their appearance.

Dentures in Lemont are purposefully made with minor imperfections such as a slightly crooked tooth or slight staining. Although a denture can be made perfect, there are few people who have perfect teeth and dentures made to perfection will look artificial and out of place. If you have been using the same dentist for years he or she will know what your natural teeth looked like, if you are going to a dentist for the first time the dentist can prepare a natural looking denture from a photo that shows the person with a full smile.

For Dentures Fairview to look natural the fit must be correct. If the teeth are too small or too large the denture will look out of place, this is true if the base doesn’t fit properly as well as the gum line will be visible. Even dentures which are excellent on the day they are made will need periodic adjustments as the mouth and gums will change position once your original teeth have been extracted.

For comfort as much as appearance, the fit of the denture is very important. Partial plates are usually fixed by metal clips to teeth which remain in the jaw; full dentures fit snugly to the gum line or in some cases, clip onto a dental implant placed especially for this purpose.

Even the best dentures may slip; this problem is easily solved by using denture adhesive. This material has no taste and is applied sparingly to the back side of the denture in either paste or powder form. Once the denture has been inserted in the mouth and pushed to the roof, a bond is created which makes it less likely that the denture will shift, slide or fall out completely.

If you believe you need dentures in Lemont you are invited to discuss the procedures and the possible alternatives with the dental professionals at Elite Dental Care.

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