What You Need to Know about Teeth Whitening in Birmingham

by | Mar 15, 2014 | Dental Care

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Beautiful white teeth are not only a sign of health, but also an important component of a person’s image. This kind of “card,” by which people judge a person’s position in society, can include their success and financial viability. It is believed that the reason for Teeth Whitening in Birmingham came to us from the domination of Western mass culture. Many blamed this on advertising, but whatever the real reason was, it seems that an increasing number of people just want white teeth.

Modern dentistry offers several methods of teeth whitening.

     *     Ultrasonic and mechanical

Strictly speaking, it is not bleaching. However, it is the ideal cleaning method for cleaning teeth from plaque and other long-term deposits. Manual brushing is often unable to thoroughly clean the teeth and gums. The aid of an ultrasonic scaler, which breaks removes tartar and yellow-brown patina, helps dentists as well.

     *    Ultrasound whitening

This effective and gentle method is completely safe for enamel. Teeth become whiter in just a couple of hours. After the final stage, which is polishing with a special paste, you will notice a new smile.

     *    Chemical teeth whitening

The most common bleaching technology used is with a special chemical composition. A mix of oxygen-containing gel, which, when heated brightens teeth is applied. Cheeks and gums, at the same time, are isolated. The gel does not alter the integrity of the enamel and the procedure lasts about an hour. The result leaves you with a smile that is 8 to 12 shades whiter.

     *    Photobleaching

Another Teeth Whitening in Birmingham procedure is photobleaching, and this is often touted as a new secure method of whitening. You are under the influence of a halogen light bleaching composition comprising of hydrogen peroxide. This is broken down, releasing active oxygen. Whitening not only removes plaque, but it cleans hard to reach areas on the surface of the tooth. It also lightens the dark pigment on the enamel.

     *    Laser

One of the most radical and rapid methods is through laser whitening. Just like chemical bleaching, the dentist isolates the teeth and their surfaces, basing the whole procedure on how hydrogen peroxide works. Then they include a carbon dioxide laser, which, depending on the selected mode, can whiten your teeth several shades in a matter of minutes.

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