Top Reasons Why Dental Implants in Bonney Lake, WA are the Best Tooth Replacements

by | May 20, 2020 | Dentist

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Accidents, injuries, tooth decay, and dental disease cause millions of people in America to lose their precious teeth. Whether your lost teeth are the particularly obvious front incisors or among the numerous obscure molars, it’s no reason for you to feel embarrassed because there is a good solution to that.

In the past, dentures and bridges were used to replace teeth. Most were uncomfortable, so a lot hesitated. Recently, dental implants were introduced, and these were unlike the detachable dentures and bridges. Dental implants in Bonney Lake, WA are composed of titanium roots that get solidly anchored to the bone. On top of that, an artificial crown that looks like real teeth is attached. So, you get a long-lasting tooth replacement that looks and feels like the original.

If you’re looking forward to getting one, let’s look at several advantages of getting those wonderful dental implants:

First, these implanted teeth get applied conveniently and are relatively hassle-free. Of course, the process will entail some kind of discomfort, but, once the titanium roots are screwed into place, you just need to let the area heal and everything goes according to plan. Once the naturally-looking crown is in place, there is no need to readjust or replace them. Dental implants constitute a better treatment option, rather than having to replace your false teeth every now and then.

Dentures are designed to be attached through suction pressure, and they are notorious for causing speech, eating, and drinking difficulties when suction routinely fails. Because of the solid foundation, dental implants won’t slide like dentures do and they wouldn’t affect daily living. You won’t be needing denture adhesives to keep them in place.

Furthermore, because these implanted teeth are engineered to mimic original teeth, they will improve your appearance. In some cases, just restoring the patient’s smile is already a big delight for them. Not only do they look like the original, they are sturdier and long-lasting. Everyone else you don’t know wouldn’t suspect you’re wearing false teeth! High-quality dental implants in Bonney Lake, WA are actually very resistant to wear, tear, breakage, and chipping. Properly caring for your dental implants and your remaining teeth will result in a perfect smile for the rest of your life.

Another useful advantage in having dental implants is that they do not affect any of your existing teeth. With bridges there may be a need for reducing the size of other teeth. Implants are individually implanted and don’t rely on other teeth for support.

Last, dental implants are universal because any adult could have successful dental implants. As long as you have healthy gums and healthy underlying bone, you are a perfect candidate for dental implantation. Don’t delay, as time passes bone gets degraded and may not be suitable anymore. Always consult an expert dentist to know what your options are. You might just have that perfect smile you deserve!

Consult a dentist right now and have your dental health improved and your smile restored with high-quality dental implants in Bonney Lake, WA. For more information, visit Business Name online.

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