Treatment Through Invisalign Gets Nod From Dentists Of Glen Allen

by | Nov 27, 2012 | Dental Care

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Do you want to get a better and perfect alignment of the set of your teeth? Do you want to evade the surgical process and even the usage of traditional braces for the purposes? In that case, the treatment through the process of invisalign will certainly be appropriate for you. Various dentists and orthodontists perform the process of Invisalign for treating the patients in the region of Glen Allen.

The process of invisalign is a new direction followed while treating the alignment of the teeth that does not require use of metallic braces. The process also requires long and continuous supervision of the orthodontists. Any gap in the supervision or failure of the patient to comply with the pattern of using the soft braces might lead to improper treatment and create problem for future alignment of the braces.

It is very important to get in touch with an experienced orthodontist, in case anyone wishes to undergo the treatment through invisalign. Not all dentists are expert in treating the alignment abnormalities through this process. The orthodontist might even conduct a variety of tests in order to find out whether the process of treatment would lead to any fruitful results or not.

In many cases, the orthodontists are also responsible in custom making special aligners for the patients. The aligners are very comfortable and are somewhat different from the traditional metallic braces. These smooth aligners are very soothing to the gums and they do not affect the root canals of the tooth. Regular usage of the aligners tends the set of teeth to change position.

The patient under invisalign treatment in Glen Allen needs to frequently visit the orthodontist and remain under continuous supervision. The orthodontist needs to keep tab on the nature and degree of shifting of the alignment of the teeth settings of the patient and take action while changing the set of the aligners to the next position, in due course of time. Otherwise, the treatment will have no direction and perfect alignment of the pair of teeth will never be achieved.

It is very important on part of the patient to comply with the use of the aligners for the minimum specified period. In case, the patient is not able to adhere to the duration of the period required for using the braces, the outcome of the treatment will never be achieved. The patient undergoing the treatment of invisalign is also required to wear the braces for at least 20 to 22 hours a day, in order to see the results.

Success of the treatment of invisalign

As a new method, treatment through the process of invisalign is gaining immense popularity in Glen Allen and other parts of the United States. This is due to the fact that the success ratio of the treatment has been achieved at a larger percentage than treating through the traditional method. To add to this advantage, the time required for aligning the set of teeth is remarkably lower in case of this process of treatment.


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