Treatments Offered by an Emergency Dentist in Belford

by | Mar 25, 2014 | Dental Services

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Emergency dentistry is an area of dental specialty that deals with problems that need immediate treatment. These services can include things like pain relief, tooth restoration, tooth replacement, surgery, and other treatments designed to help in emergency situations. An Emergency Dentist in Belford has their office set up to handle all kinds of emergency services that may arise. While no one wants to have a dental emergency, they can happen and it is good to know your dentist can help. What are some things you might have done in emergency dental situations?

Knocked Out Tooth

Getting a tooth knocked out means you either play too hard or are very active. This happens in the sports world often, but it can happen in a car crash, a slip-and-fall accident, or while participating in school sports or activities. Sometimes, if the tooth is viable and healthy, the dentist can replace the natural tooth if it is available. Otherwise, a dental implant is recommended and may be done immediately or over a period of time.

Mouth Pain

Pain in your mouth is one of the most unpleasant types of pain a human can experience. It can keep a child out of school and keep an adult from work, play, or from otherwise being productive. Some people with mouth pain do not feel like doing anything more than staying in bed. However, you cannot stay in bed. If you have mouth pain, an Emergency Dentist in Belford should be consulted immediately. They can usually get you in right away. The cause of the mouth pain needs to be diagnosed and treated by a dentist.

Oral Surgery

Some dental emergencies may require oral surgery can only be done by an Emergency Dentist. An impacted wisdom tooth is one example of an emergency that will probably require oral surgery. Dentists who provide emergency services have the skills and equipment needed for any kind of oral surgery you might need.

Some emergency services can be expensive, so you need to know when to call and when to make a regular appointment. If you are in doubt, call your Emergency Dentist care in Belford and ask if your situation is an emergency or if you need an appointment to solve a problem. Pain, bleeding, tooth damage, tooth loss, and infections are all emergencies. At Hazlet Family Dental, you can expect quality emergency facilities and services.

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